Our mission is:  To create sustainable, high quality construction projects, while meeting the client’s needs, budget and schedule with imagination, drive and leadership.

Total Concept Developments Ltd was incorporated in 1981 to develop a 10 unit condo townhome project in Kamloops. When the market faltered in the late 80’s, the companyt retained ownership of the rental townhomes and accumulated additional rental and holding properties. Total Concept Developments primary business was throug the contracting company,  initially VanDongen Construction Ltd., later renamed Tri City Contracting Ltd.  Total Concept Development, managed an increasing portfolio of commercial and residential properties in the Kamloops area, as well as a number of strata properties, until licensing restrictions changed.

In 2005, the company moved into the development field while continuing with general contracting, lending years of contracting expertise to assist owners in bringing a project to fruition.  Presently, Total Concept Developments manages all aspects  of development from design to permits, marketing and is also involved:

Multi Family Housing

Mixed Use Commercial/Residential Developments

Build to Suit/Leaseback


Partnerships and or Joint Ventures


Design Build Partner

Total Concept Developments Ltd. is closely associated with our partner company Tri City Contracting. Total Concept Developments Ltd. services their clients in consulting, assisting and managing a development project, breaking ground, building the structure and product delivery.

Total Concept Developments Ltd. uses the design build and general contracting expertise of Tri City Contracting (BC) Ltd.


Tri City Services Provided

  • Design build Contractor, engaging both the design team and the required sub-contractors
  • General Contractor, engaging the sub trades and working under the direction of the owner’s design team
  • Construction Management Contractor, engaging and managing sub-contractors and construction activity on behalf of the owner
  • Delivery by Stipulated Sum or Cost Plus
  • Tri City uses industry standard CCDC and CCA contracts with mutually agreed Supplementary General Conditions
  • Tri City can include Performance Bonding and both, Liability and Builders Risk Insurance.

For more information please visit: www.tricitycanada.ca